Stitch Mouth Discography

Blood Stained Samhain Single

01. Blood Stained Samhain

The Southern Devil

01. The Time Has Come (Intro) (Feat. Skartina)
02. The Southern Devil
03. Urges
04. Children of the Night (Feat. Kreepy X)
05. There Goes My Baby
06. Dawn of the Day of the Night of the Evil Dead (Feat. Kreepy X)
07. Im That Mutha Fucka (Feat. The Truth)
08. Can't Escape
09. Interlude
10. Black and White
11. Are You Scared??? (Feat. Kreepy X and Mista Creepy)
12. Brutal Mentality (Feat. Bloodshot)
13. St. Lucifers Asylum
14. Club Dead (Feat. Kreepy X)
15. Xtian Holocaust
16. Let The Music Play

Silent Hill

01. Opening Dialog
02. Waking Into a Bad Dream
03. Love Letter Part 1
04. Welcome To Silent Hill
05. The Lurking Darkness
06. Apartments For Rent

The Summer of Hate

01. Family Vacation (Intro)
02. Summer of Hate
03. Decapitating Neighbors
04. Babble Instrumental
05. Grewsome Twosome (Feat. Kreepy X)
06. Psycho-Delic (Feat. Lo Key and Kreepy X)
07. I'll Show You
08. Propaganda (Outro)

Nashville Horror

01. Gore Obsessed (All Hollows Gory)
02. 13 Ghosts
03. Sick Widit (Feat. KGP)
04. Burning Jackolanterns
05. Psycho Crunk (Feat. Candy Creep)
06. Gut O Lanterns
07. The Southern Devil (Area 51 Orchestra Mix)
08. Aint Shit
09. Digging Out My Brains
10. The Devil's Birthday
11. Burn Bitch Burn (Feat. Sicktanick and KGP)
12. Devil's Night (Feat. Kreepy X)

Free Vomit

01. Beaten, Tortured, Raped and Killed
02. The Sunshine's Gone
03. There Will Be Blood
04. Son Of 2000 Maniacs

Southern Devil Revisited

01. The Return Intro
02. Son Of 2000 Maniacs
03. The Southern Devil
04. Urges
05. Children Of The Night (Feat. Sicktanick)
06. There Goes My Baby
07. Dawn Of The Day Of The Night Of The Evil Dead (Feat. Con-Crete)
08. Im That Muthafucka (Feat. Two Clipz)
09. Interlude
10. Black & White
11. R U Scared (Feat. Razakel & Tha Ghost)
12. Brutal Mentality (Feat. Bloodshot)
13. Xian Holocaust (Feat. Red Dawn)