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This is where you can stay up to date on the latest news of the juggalo family! Scroll down to read what the latest is on the hatchet family and if you have any news that you would like added here then simply email us or post in our guestbook! Thank you!

July 6, 2008: Wow, it's been a while since I posted here on the side bar hasn't it? I have been updating the site, I just haven't posted here to let you guys know what's been going down with the site. Here's some information: more artists have been added to the lyrics page and I'm working on putting up their discographies complete with album art. I'm also putting together more lyrics for you guys to check out. Also, more downloads will be placed on the site in due time. Currently my agenda is to add "Grim Reality" by Insane Poetry up for download along with some Q Strange and Necro audio downloads. Check back later for further updates!

January 15, 2008: "Want to WIN a Psychopathic Records Jersey? Got a creative mind? Why not enter the tournament being held by" CLICK HERE for full details. Contest ends March 10!

December 21, 2007: Yesterday was my birthday, so I decided to give stuff back to you guys. If you go to the downloads page, you'll notice a whole bunch of rare audio tracks available for download. I'm going to continue to add more songs to the collection, and allow all of you guys to enjoy these hard to find songs! Next on the list: Insane Poetry albums for you guys to download!

December 3, 2007: I added some discographies to the site. You can find them by going to the lyrics page then clicking the name of the artist. You will be taken to a page that contains the group/artist's discography, including track listing, and cover art! So far I have Bedlam/PDM, Insane Poetry, HaLFBrEEd and Lo Key up, so check it out!

November 7, 2007: I have added NATAS' information, Q-Strange's info, updated the Twiztid info, and moved around some of the other bios, such as Boondox no longer has his own page, instead he can be found on the same page as Blaze and ABK. Killa C no longer has his own page, he is now listed under the page with other artists like Tech N9ne.

October 15, 2007: I added the lyrics to HaLFBrEEd's album "Rage of the Plague". Enjoy!

October 14, 2007: I added a few more lyrics to the site, including Q-Strange's "Creation to ExeQtion"! Check it out!

September 20, 2007: I have edited the download page, it's more up to date and easier to locate the icon/avatar that you want to download. There's a few more songs, I'm going to add more later on as well.

July 11, 2007: I got more icons up for everybody to enjoy! Check them out!

July 9, 2007: Well, I stayed true to my word ninjas. The lyrics to "Serial Killaz" by HaLFBrEEd are officially up and ready to be read! Enjoy them, I worked all night long just listening to the songs over, and over, and over, and over, until I got all of them typed up and matching with the songs, even the skits. Enjoy! And as promised I'll get the rest of their albums up by the end of the month! I'm also scrabbling to get some more icons up for you guys to use on myspace or where ever you use them. Expect those by the end of the month too. The Lo Key page is down right now, because I'm fixing it up, expect that up by the end of next week, I've just got a lot to do right now though, so patience is necessary! Thanks.

July 8, 2007: Hey what's up!!! I'm working on finishing up some lyrics to some of the HaLFBrEEd albums. I got A LOT OF REQUESTS from people to finish their lyrics first because no other sites have their lyrics up. The first album I'll post lyrics to for them is "Serial Killaz" expect them up by Tuesday!!! Then I'll do lyrics for "The End" followed by "KontamiNATION" and then finally "Rage of the Plague". All HaLFBrEEd lyrics should be up by the end of the month. You just have to be patient because I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, otherwise they'd be up by next week.

July 3, 2007: Well Juggalos and Juggalettes, today marks the release day of Twiztid's newest album "Independent's Day" go out and cop that now! I already did, and I must say, I love it!

June 15, 2007: Juggalos and Juggalettes, today our family has released something that everyone should check out. Monoxide Child and Jamie Madrox dropped the sampler to their new album "Independents Day" which drops July 3. The sampler can be downloaded here . Make sure to check that out, I think the album's going to be great. Also, check out Twiztid's official myspace page for more up to date information on the skitzo duo we all know and love.

June 11, 2007: Hey everybody, how are ya? Me, I'm fine. I just wanted to add a little bit of information here. Thanks to FREE DOMAIN my website can be accessed through the following URL This gives my a site an official URL so that way you guys don't have to type the anymore. My site can still be accessed via the usually URL of though. Much love to everyone who continues to support this site, I put a lot of time into it. I'm still trying to finish the lyrics and downloads, so be patient with me, I guarantee it will be worth your wait.

April 10, 2007: Happy Late Easter everybody. In honor of the holiday, I have added A LOT MORE downloable songs for you to enjoy. The newly added songs include stuff by: HaLFBrEEd, Natas, Tech N9ne, and Boondox. Enjoy!

March 20, 2007: "The Tempest" is officially available at stores for purchase! I already got my copy of the album, and I'll post some of my favorite songs from the album for download later this week, so check it out. Make sure to go cop this disc, it's banging!

March 19, 2007: Tomorrow is the release date of ICP's long awaited "Tempest" LP. The entire album is produced by Mike E Clark. Look back later this week for possible downloads from the album that I may post!

February 9, 2007: ICP has stated that the release date of their new album "The Tempest" is March 20. Let's just hope that it doesn't get delayed again.

January 1, 2007: Happy new year ninjas! Hope all of you had a great time last night, and if you're like me then you're looking foward to this new year! Here in Santa Fe, New Mexico we started off the new year with 25" of snow! The most in the city's history! It was crazy! So enjoy your new year, and thanks for stopping by!

December 20, 2006: Well, today is my birthday ninjas, I just hit the big 2-0, just one year away from being able to gamble my life away. Just kidding. Also, today was my first day off from college, so expect me to be completing SOME of the lyrics on the site and also adding more info to the site before January 22 when my vacation ends. Also drop by HATCHETGEAR and pick up some new shit for yourself for Christmas, I did. I spent over $100 there for Christmas this year, but it's all good.

November 23, 2006: I would like to wish all the Juggalos and Juggalettes a happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your time with your families today. And don't eat too much!

November 17, 2006: I have updated the KMK information on here. Hope you guys like it. I'm still working on the E-40 and Three Six Mafia info as well as doing the lyrics for HaLFBrEEd, Esham, Dark Lotus, ICP, Blaze, and Tech N9ne. I will soon also add KMK lyrics to the page, but you've got to be patient with me, they will be up soon I promise!

October 31, 2006: Happy Hallowicked Everyone! Have fun today! Halloween is the funnest holiday of them all because we can all be whatever we always wanted to be. Enjoy your Halloween parties and whatever else you may do today! A very happy Halloween to you and yours, from NEWL Tha Siklootd.

October 13, 2006: Happy birthday to Shaggy 2 Dope! If it wasn't for him there would be no ICP, he drew the Hatchetman, he drew the Joker cards, he programmed the beats, he's the man! Today he turns 32 years old! We hope Shaggy enjoys himself today even though it's a Friday the 13th. LOL.

October 4, 2006: Let us take time out of our schedules to contemplate the loss of They gave it a good run, and it was indeed one of the best fansites dedicated to the family. We hope that you will always remember it. MCL to all the people who had helped to make it what it was.

September 21, 2006: Sick fucks exist in this world! Last night my sister brought home a cat that she found taped up with over 3 feet of duct tape, it was wrapped around every part of the cat so that she wouldn't be able to move. Then she was placed directly behind somebody's tire on their car so that when they backed up they would have killed her. Plus, last night we had one of the worst thunderstorms of the year, some parts of the state flooded, and they had her in that, plus she's only like 5 weeks old! I got too much love for animals to tolerate that kind of shit.

August 31, 2006: Alright, some new news. I have more songs up for download, feel free to check them out, they include new Tech N9ne songs off of "Anghellic", and one song by HaLFBrEEd off of "The End". I also have the HaLFBrEEd page up and running (I highly reccomend you check the page out if you haven't heard of the group), along with more lyrics to some CDs. I'm still doing the Bone Thugs info along with the KMK info and E-40 info.

August 11, 2006: Just a few new things to say, mostly about our site. One: We are still working on the "Beefs" page, the "Lyrics" page, and information on certain Horrorcore artists as well. We have also added a "Guestbook" and would really like to see an increase in signatures in support of the Fam. Bear with us as we take time to get every page up and running and look out for more MP3s to download along with more icons and more wallpapers.

July 14, 2006: Happy birthday to that killa we all know and love, Paul Methric aka Monoxide Child. Happy 33rd homie! Keep up the incredible rhymes that blow my mind all the time. Twiztid for life ninja!

June 13, 2006: Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child are in my state, New Mexico, showing love to us New Mexican Juggalos up in Albuquerque. I am happy to see that the Psychopathic artists enjoy Albuquerque so much, in fact Violent J and Rude Boy recorded the song on Forgotten Freshness Volume 3 that they dedicated to their mothers right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Much love to Violent J for that, and I hope he and the rest of the Hatchet continues to show us love down here.

May 22, 2006: Boondox, Psychopathic's newest artist, has his website up and running. Be sure to check it out! Click Here to check it out!

May 16, 2006: "Phatso", Jamie Madrox's solo debut CD on Psychopathic Records (he has two other solo CD's from his House of Krazees days: "Demon Inside" and "Sacrafice"). I personally believe that Jamie Madrox is the best artist on Psychopathic Records, so I highly recommend all Juggalos to go cop this disc!!!

April 28, 2006: Violent J's birthday is today! Happy 34th birthday to the Wicked Clown out of Detroit from all the Juggalos across the planet!

April 11, 2006: Deshaun Holton AKA Proof from rap groups D 12 and Promatic, died today after being shot at a bar last night on 8 Mile Road. Even though he had his beefs with the family he was still a great rapper and cared about his fans, delivering some great songs along side fellow D 12 members: EminEm, Swifty McVay, Kuniva, Bizzare, and Kon Artist. A real Juggalo does not hold grudges against people, so we here at SBDJuggalos want to say Rest In Peace.

March 19, 2006: Lavel, Esham, and Anybody Killa released a CD called "Diamond Cutz" where the three of them spend most of the CD dissing Violent J, Shaggy 2 Dope, Jamie Madrox, and Monoxide Child! Why would EX Family do this kind of shit, beats me, post in the forum and tell us how you feel!

April 18, 2006: Blood In Blood Out, by the Axe Murder Boys drops today in stores nationwide, go pick that shit up! February 21, 2006: FTFO (Fuck The Fuck Off) by Shaggy 2 Dope drops today in stores nationwide, go pick that shit up!

February 20, 2006: Kweschin Marq's birthday, how old is he? Damn I don't know!

February 15, 2006: Our website has been given a facelift, post in the forum and tell us if you like it!

February 11, 2006: Anybody Killa has left Psychopathic Records, he is pursuing new career heights and is attempting to be on his own, we here at SBDjuggalos wish him good luck and hope to hear some more killer shit from him!

January 6, 2006: Wuzzup Juggalos/lettes, this is a new website that we created in honor of you guys. Right now it's in kind of bad shape, I'm still learning html coding, but trust me pretty soon I'll have pages up along with music for all of you guys to download. I also have to figure out how to create a banner. But this is day one of our website so eventually everything will up and running looking professional. I promise. Until then, much love to all you Juggalos and Juggalettes -- Signed N.E.W.L. Tha Siklootd.