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This page features links to some great Juggalo fansites along with the official band sites. This page also contains links to some websites that we here at SBDJuggalos enjoy and think you should check out. So make sure to check out as many sites as you can, and if you have one that you want added to this list, then simply post the link in the guestbook and we will add it to this page.
Official Sites:

13 Amp Official Soundclick Site
Anybody Killa Official Site
Axe Murder Boyz Offical Site
Blaze Ya Dead Homie Official Site
ClaAs Official Soundclick Site
Hatchetgear Official Webstore
Insane Clown Posse Official Site
Madd Maxxx Official Site
McNastee Official Soundclick Site
Project: Deadman Official Site
Psychopathic Records Official Site
Serial Killer Records Official Site
Tech N9ne Official Site
Twiztid Official Site

Download Sites:

The following is a list of sites that feature links to download full albums! Check them out, but also remember to purchase the CDs by the artists or else they'll stop making music, especially in the underground scene where artists barely make shit to begin with.

Psycho Downloads
Features horrorcore albums as well as hardcore rap groups, and select metal bands.

Juggalo Audio
A great site that features entire album downloads from all of the most popular underground artists! Check it out! But also make sure to still support your favorite artists, go and buy their CDs after listening to them.

A site with a lot of downloads, check it out.

Features almost any Metal band you could think of, includes their full discographies, including rare and hard to find albums.

Looking for Metal and didn't find it on MusikFactory? Try this site out!

The Course Of Darkness
Looking for a lot of heavier metal stuff but can't find it anywhere? Check this site out.

Other Great Sites To Check Out:

1. Juggalo News
A great place to find out what's going on in the juggalo world.

2. Juggalo Faith
A great place for Juggalos to interact with each other and help each other out.

3. Faygo Luvers
A great site with good information on the Psychopathic family.

4. Play Asia
A great place to purchase import video games, I wouldn't buy from anyone else.

5. Kelley Blue Book
Check in case you're like me and want to sell your car or are thinking of purchasing another vehicle, this site has the information that is necessary.

6. Gamespot
Video game cheats, video game reviews, video game previews, video games galore!!! Check it out!

7. CD Baby
The only place to locate underground music created by independent artists that don't get the attention they deserve. Find albums by HaLFBrEEd, Skrapz, The R.O.C., Level Jumpers, Mastamind, and more. Where do you think I got my HaLFBrEEd stuff from?

8. Ohhla
A great website full of lyrics to rap songs, they even have lyrics to some horrorcore songs, make sure to pay them a visit sometime.

9. Serial Killas
An up to date site on what's going on in the horrorcore genre. Features an excellent shop that contains some of the best horrorcore albums of all time. Check it out.

10. Looking for a Pandora Battery for your PSP? Check out these sites then:
Pandora Sales
Pandora Batt7

11. Red Rum Media
An excellent site to purchase horrorcore albums!

12. Here are several iPod/Computer/Electronics repair websites that you should definetely check out, escpecially if you own an iPod. Instead of throwing out your iPod when its battery dies, go to one of these sites, they specialize in battery replacement for iPods. It's a much better choice than going through Apple, where Apple sends you A DIFFERENT iPod, it isn't even yours! Plus Apple charges you $60 plus shipping! So check these sites out, some of them will also upgrade your iPod/Zune hard drive to a higher capacity of gigabytes:
iPod Resq for Macs, iPhones and iPods
The Pod Drop for iPods
Tech Restore for iPods, PCs, Macs, and PSPs for iPods, Zunes, PSPs, Archos and more for Zunes, and iPods upgrades and repairs for all mp3 players

13. eStarland
This site sells video games from every era, all the way back to the NES and Atari! You can buy the games for the consoles, or the consoles themselves, along with accessories for them. Not to mention that they allow you to sell them to them, along with Japanese imported video games too! They also offer disc resurfacing and console repair as well.

14. Fright Catalog
This site sells the best Halloween masks you will ever see. A must visit site if you're looking for something scary to wear on Halloween!

15. Here are several different Youtube videos I highly recommend you guys check out. They involve tutorials for different things that are normaly difficult to figure out on your own:
PSP Screen Repair
Photoshop Render

16. DreamsTime Here is a website with a bunch of great background designs you can use for anything you want.

17. Here are some links to help you guys rip videos from youtube without the need to download any software! This Site will download the file as a .FLV (Flash Video) all you do is copy and paste the URL. After you get the video you will need This site will change your video into either mp4, wmv, or any other file extension you may need! Enjoy your videos.

18. This site will repair any video game console, all the way back to the Atari! They'll even repair the rare consoles such as Sega Nomads, and Atari Jaguars. Check them out for all your video game repairs!

19. Want some skins for your electronic devices? Want to design some? Here are some links: