Mr. Hyde Discography

Barn Of The Naked Dead

01. Intro
02. On The Prowl
03. Say My Name (Feat. Little Britney)
04. The Crazies (Feat. Necro, Goretex and ILL BiLL)
05. Barn Of The Naked Dead
06. Spill Your Blood
07. Knife In Your Spine (Satanic Wordplay)
08. Malignant Messiah
09. Street Veteran Part 2 (Feat. ILL BiLL)
10. Weapons Of Mass Destruction
11. Bums Intro (Kid Joe)
12. Bums (Feat. Uncle Howie and Necro)
13. Death Sentence (Feat. Sabac Red)
14. Married To Pain
15. Beesh (Malaki Skit)
16. Buggin' Out (Feat. Kid Joe)
17. Them (Feat. Necro, ILL BiLL and Goretex)
18. Outro
19. The Crazies ('86 Metal Mix)