Here will get into detail of the basics of a webpage. Once you master these you can move onto our more complicated codes. These are the basic HTML codes that are necessary for ANY WEB PAGE to work. The first thing you must do, locate a free server, such as Tripod. Create an account with them, and DO NOT DELETE any of the stuff they already have uploaded. Open a new "Notepad" document and save it as "index.html" your main page HAS TO BE SAVED AS "index.html" and be careful not to use capital letters either. use this code to tell the computer you are using HTML. use this code to add a title to your webpage. The title will appear on the upper-left corner of the window you're viewing your website with. An example of how to use this would be: <title> My Webpage put the name of the desired background color to make a solid colored background for your page.
this is the same thing as pressing "Enter" in a word document. HTML documents do not move to a new line from pressing enter, you MUST use this code to move down. this will make words bold. end the effects of the bold.

substitute the word "alignment" with either "center" "left" or "right" in order to make the items in your web page aligned to that desired side.

this ends the effects of your alignment that you previously set up. locate a file you wish to use as your background. For example let's say you want to use our background, the code would be put the name of the desired text color into the quotation marks. choose a number that you want to represent the text. You can play around with it as much as you want until you get the desired size. I prefer size 3 for the text within the document and size 5 for headers.
speaking of headers, use this code after text in order for it be treated as a header. This causes it to be underlined thus giving it a more appealing look because it becomes separated from the rest of the document. use this code to put pictures into your web page. Follow the same istructions we outlined in the description on how to put a picture for your background. You can also add the taggs height and width to this code to make the image either bigger or smaller. Example: The tagg "border" can also be added, this is helpful if you are using an image as a hyperlink. You can set the thickness of the border the hyperlink will make, you can even make it have no border from the hyperlink by setting the value to zero. Example: this code tells the computer to make the text that follows it clickable, after entering the text that you want to be clickable, end the hyperlink with For example, to create a link to our website do the following: Click HERE to visit SBDJuggalos. If you want to refer to a file stored on your local server then you have to do the following: use the code Text . Let me explain this better. My directory for this page is all on so to refer to another file on this directory I would do this: Q-Strange . If the file "qstrange.html" was on a separate directory stored on this main directory then I would have to refer to it through that directory. Example of this: Q-Strange Use these codes to create a very simplistic web site, but be patient with yourself, you're just getting started. Once you master these then you can create a more detailed website. Here is an example website that you can use as a guidline, to view the following example as a web page simply copy and past the following example into a new "notepad" document and save it has "sample.html" Sample Web Page:


Do you understand the basics of HTML tags yet? We hope that this sample will help you understand how HTML works. Once you have mastered this then click HERE to return to our website and get started on the more complicated HTML codes.

Here is a picture for you:

It's Violent J!

Good Luck on your web site and if you need help feel free to contact Newl Tha Siklootd for further assistance. Alright, now you're ready for the more complicated HTML tags. We will begin with the easiest of these codes and move onto the really complex ones. Please read everything really carefully in order to guarantee that you are using the code properly. Use this code to cause an image to become clickable. For further detail on how to use the hyperlink code and the image code please return to our first tutorial for more assistance. Insert Desired Text Here This code will create a scrolling marquee on your website. Insert Desired Text Here This code is the same as the one above except this code allows you to give the marquee its own background color so that it will be more noticeable. Your Email Address this allows you to create a link that will take people to a new document to send you an email. <BGSOUND SRC="songlocation"> Use this whole entire code in order to put music on your page. First locate the song you want on your page and simply copy its location into the spot that says "songlocation" and make sure you insert it in both slots where that is designated. Example would be <BGSOUND SRC="">